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October 13, 2014 by kristanlloyd


If you didn’t know it by reading my facebook posts recently, I am working on the campaign to elect George S. Cambero to the EVMWD Division 3 seat. This is just one of many volunteer jobs that I am working on but fairly consuming as we near the finish line. My house hasn’t been clean in two weeks but after November 4th I will consider vacuuming again.

When George told me, “Oh, by the way I am running for office” it really came as no surprise. He has been working in the field of water production for over 37 years and has such a heart for customers and consumers. He goes out of his way to help members of the community that call him when they have questions on their water bills. He has worked with many of them to get their properties reallocated to their real usage to save them hundreds of dollars a year.

The big question this week was how to deal with an endorsement that is a blatant misuse of power by suggesting that it’s official in nature and from the desk of our elected officials. I received many calls that from friends and neighbors who thought that this was such a stab in the back from leadership that has gleaned so much from George’s support through the years.

How do you keep a clean campaign? Is it actually possible? Do people really want you to start flipping tables and pulling weaves? I guess we’ll have to wait for November 5th for that answer.

George wants to run a campaign based on knowledge and experience. I hope you will read his website and feel free to contact him directly and ask the real important question like, “What will year four of a drought look like and how can you help assure that water comes out of the faucet when I turn it on?”

George would like to implement two plans using resources that are not currently being utilized: A Master Regional Recycled Water Plan and A Master Regional Ground Water Management Plan. No other candidate can do that. They have to rely on staff because neither of those candidates know where the water is.


2 thoughts on “Campaign News

  1. I like Geroge. He’s a good man.
    Still, I don’t see how one member of the board would be able to implement anything without the consent of at least two other members, and even then I’m betting there are tons of rules and regs that govern what can be done.

    I tend to bristle at such assertions as “No other candidate can do that.”
    Why can’t other board members implement similar ideas?

    • kristanlloyd says:

      Why haven’t they? They don’t know where the water is. Where it’s been capped before they took office.

      I think it goes back to knowing who is in office.

      What is their background and their personal agenda? Do they go to the meetings and then go home to do what they like to do?

      It is my belief that all the current board members are limited in their knowledge. They have nothing to offer the district other than a yes or no vote. To have someone that has a passion and knows water, wants to assure we’re using the most current practices and is actively involved in looking and searching for innovative projects to keep our system running and utilize the untapped resources…how can one not think that would benefit our district.

      A board should direct staff…I want more than a passive board member. I want someone to earn the money they get paid for attending meetings. I want them to bring something back to the table. I want them to work for us.

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