A Year of Fun

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October 24, 2014 by kristanlloyd


Put another candle on the birthday cake. I’m another year older and beginning to feel my age, which I can’t even remember what it truly is because I’ve been fibbing for so long. When asked, I have to resort to using math and then right back to denial and a choosing an age appropriate number. Because, you are only as old as you feel.

I have themed this new year as “A Year of Fun”. Time to start checking items off of my bucket list. Okay…Number One: Start a Bucket List.

This year I did start the new year with resolutions with one of my written goals for the year…To spend more time with family. Written goals do work! My girls are attending a local college instead of spending the year a state away in Flagstaff, AZ. John and I have been able to get away a few times and he also planned an end of the summer vacation with the girls. My sister, Deeann and her family came down and I was able to crash their vacation at a delightful beach house in Long Beach. John’s youngest brother and family will be joining us for the Christmas holiday season. But I think the pièce de résistance will be visiting with my two sisters, mother and grandmother in Portland this coming weekend. It’s been long overdue.

The conversation had been the same every year, we would talk about it, put it on our New Year’s resolution list, discuss the possibilities and then this and that would come up and we’d say, “For sure next year.”

You know that feeling when you’ve actually worked on something to get it accomplished? Setting aside the time and then devoting the effort arranging savings and doing more than penciling the date in, actually reserving the plane ticket and writing it in pen. Triumph!

Yeah, I don’t either. I put the plane ticket on the credit card when I knew we would be paying it off with a stock purchase but kind of on the sly (without telling John). John just received a small bonus this year and asked what I wanted for my birthday. I just love that man of mine! I told him, “Just enough to take everyone out for a nice lunch or dinner and to pitch in on the hotel.” Tada…instant trip just add good timing and lots of finagling.

My mom’s side of the family used to go to family reunions once a year over Labor Day in September. Those were the best of days. Hand cranked black walnut ice cream, watermelon seed spittin’ contest, cast iron skillet tossin’, and the entertainment portion with skits and songs from just about everyone. We’d go home stuffed and aching from laughing so much with promises to return next year. We haven’t had one of those traditional reunions with the “Whole Famn Damily” in at least 20 years.

Maybe this little get together will spark an organized yearly reunion like those glory days. Wish us luck, traveling mercies and pray we make it through still singing, “We are family…”


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